Small Groups

SMALL GROUPS are very important in our church. A large percentage of the people in our church are involved in some kind of small group. Groups sometimes choose to shift emphasis from time to time, and there are also periods when one or more groups will be paused (this is especially the case in the summer). While the groups are open, it is always wise to speak with the pastor about the groups and which may be the best fit for you. Here are some of the groups that are active or have been active in the last year or so:

DNR - This is a group that has dinner together every two weeks (although the day may change), then they work through a chapter of a book or a reading, then spend time sharing personal needs and praying together. The location changes from week to week, those who attend takes turn in hosting the group. Intimacy and deep sharing are emphasized

BIBLE STUDY - They meet in the home of a retired music teacher, who has incredible skill at the piano and is a great Bible teacher as well.

LEARNING FROM OLD TV SHOWS - This group has been watching old Andy Griffith shows and discussion moral and spiritual implications of the stories. This group is currently inactive.

We are open to the possibility of other small groups being developed. Members of the small groups often take part in community outreach as well, although this is not required.

Name Location Time Focus Status
DNR Wheaton 06:30am Every other Wednesday Dinner and Renewal Open
Fridley's Small Group Wheaton 07:15pm Every other Thursday 1 Corinthians Open